Eric Busboom

Professional Data Services For Civic and Social Development

Data Management

I help organizations acquire and keep track of data, primarily using Metatab, to document datasets and track provenance.

Data Analysis

I’m an expert with Python and Jupyter for analyzing data in a wide range of subjects, for non profits, governments and companies


I’ve designed and built recommender systems, data-driven web applications, and data processing pipelines.

What I Do

I am an entrepreneur, philanthropist, technologist and data analyst, focusing on how to make data easier for nonprofits, journalists, governments and socially oriented companies to use. Professionally,  I run a company Civic Knowledge, have a non profit project, The San Diego Regional Data Library, and build open source software, Metatab. I’m currently the board  President at The League of Amazing Programmers, and was formally the founding board President at San Diego Canyonlands.

For hobbies, I run a summer Robot Internship in my garage, and am an Assistant Scoutmaster at Troop 506 in La Jolla, CA, and I’m proud to be a husband and father. ( Personal) (Work)

(619) 363-2607

Civic Knowledge

Civic Knowledge provides commercial data services for companies, governments and nonprofits.

San Diego Regional Data Library

The San Diego Regional Data Library runs volunteer, pro-bono data projects.


Metatab  is an open source project that develop tools for data wrangling and packaging, making data easier for analysts to use.

The League of Amazing Programmers teaches kids to code, preparing them for working as professional programmers before they’ve graduated from High School. I am the board  President.
San Diego Canyonlands protects and restores San Diego’s many canyons, one of the regions most distinctive features. I was the founding board President, and am occasionally involved in special projects.
Each summer I host 1 to 3 students to work on refurbishing a 6 axis laboratory robot arm, giving them practical experience with programming, electronics and industrial engineering.


Can Big Data Inspire Big Social Changes?

“In recent months, the Data Library has worked to digitize the maps of homeless person counts for the last five years collected by the Downtown San Diego Partnership. The data conversion got underway earlier this year with the assistance of Kearny High School students and more progress is expected this fall.”

UCSD Extension, September 2019

Let’s create the Americorps for data in San Diego.

“A lot of the issues we have now are so fine-grain that you have to have good data to [solve them],” Busboom says. “Our nonprofits and governments simply don’t have access to the skills that are required to do that. The goal is to find volunteers and make connections.”

San Diego Magazine, 2014


The Next Frontier of Open Data

But in January, Busboom founded the San Diego Regional Data Library, to “make our social programs, civic groups, and government organizations more effective; our citizens better informed; and our policy makers able to make better decisions,” according to the library’s website.

Voice of San Diego, October 2013